Master Wong Ping Pui was born in the village of Bo-On province of Canton (China). When he was very young, he moved to Hong Kong, where began to share his job of radio mounter for the Philips company with the Kung Fu practice,  shocked by the Wong Fei Hung series, the Hung Gar’s hero, that was televised those days in Hong Kong, played very successfully by the actor Kwan Tak Hing.

    Before studying Kung Fu, he found several masters and styles, but some of them did not convince him, finally, was his brother who introduced him in the school of Chao Wing Tak, direct disciple of Tang Fong grand master.

   Wong studied with Chao Wing Tak during ten years, training a lot of hours daily, until he moved to Spain. It was there, in Barcelona, where he knew Tony Rossell, and ... this is the story. 


Wong Ping Pui

Master of Tiger and Crane

Sifu Wong’s class in 1977, where we can see two of his most outstanding disciples, Tony Rossell and Gabriel Soler.

Master Wong’s picture with his oldest and charismatic disciple Tony Rossell, 1985

Wong Ping Pui and Tony Rossell nowadays, 2007


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