Sifu Rossell

   Tony Rossell is known in Spain and Andorra for his labor and love for Kung Fu. But, without doubt, what is not so known, is that he is a kind person with a big heart, who disinterestedly worked  with other enthusiastic of the art, in order to find a worthy place for their passion, the Hung Gar Kung Fu, learned from his master Wong Ping Pui, a very ancient fighting system, hardly known in our country by those days.

  Although he had many disadvantages, due to the lack of means, his self-denial took to him to travel to other countries, for improving and interchanging knowledge.

  He wrote several works of incontestable content, and was able to transmit a vision impregnated from different sources, consolidating in this way, a hard path dedicated to the investigation of the Hung family system. Some years later, he decides to retire of the lessons. 

  Nowadays, far from articles in newspapers and specialized magazines that marked a time in Spain, he shows us not only his work, but the track left in his followers.

  This occidental master has been able to demonstrate a big skill as much in the practice as in the formation of great martial artists.

  This website, offers us the possibility to discover his job, where we can see books, images and pictures of one of the most outstanding pioneers of the Chinese Kung Fu in Spain and Andorra.

  In the name of everyone who has had the luck of knowing you, and share so many irreplaceable whiles, thank you Master.

Hung Gar Kung Fu


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