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kuen fu hok fu pao lung ga moi fa

Tony Rossell in Germán Monzó’s home, Barcelona 1976

Tony in Montemar Gymnasium, Barcelona 1976

Tony in Sin La II Gym, Barcelona 1977

Tony Rossell and José María Prat in Andorra, in the backyard of Tony’s parents, 1976

Visiting José María Prat’s house, Germán Monzó, San Chi Kin (Sifu Wong’s brother-in-law) and Tony Rossell in 1976, where they discussed about the creation of the future book “Kung Fu, historia, filosofía, técnicas”, published by Editorial Alas, the rest is history, the Andorran and Spanish Hung Gar history.

As we have seen, Tony Rossell was present in the birth of Hung Gar in Spain, and was unquestionable pioneer of Kung Fu in his country, Andorra.

Wong Ping Pui and J.M. Prat’s book




   Tony Rossell and Germán Monzó did know master Wong Ping Pui, who in that time worked for the “China Garden” restaurant, and together, convinced him to impart public classes of his art in the Montemar gymnasium.

    Soon, between Wong and Tony, was born a true friendship  that has remained during more than thirteen years, becoming this last, his older and outstanding disciple.

    Some months after classes started, a young José María Prat appeared, who became a  famed martial arts books writer, very successful in Spain and South America, as well as Gabriel Soler, who became an exceptional and faithful disciple of Sifu Wong,  formed by the very same Chau Wing Tak.

    Tony Rossell and José María Prat, formed an aggressive pair, promoting Hung Gar at national and international level. It was published the first book of the art in Spain and Europe, with Wong Ping Pui in charge of the technical part, and lot of articles and fascicles, performing, as well, demonstrations around Spain.


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